Watch the video:
William Patrick Patterson Explores
The Life & Teachings
of Carlos Castaneda
“Patterson brings original insight into the forces and influences that formed Castaneda’s sorceric adventure. Particularly interesting are the role of Anaïs Nin and the revelation of the source of many of Castaneda’s supposedly sorceric ideas.”
            —Mary Ellen Korman, author
               A Woman’s Work: The Spiritual Life Story
               of Ethel Merston
“Although inclined to skepticism about Castaneda, I found myself reading The Life
& Teachings of Carlos Castaneda with total fascination. As it tells just about everything,
I imagine this will be the definitive book
on Castaneda.”
            —Colin Wilson, author
                The Outsider and The Occult

“A must read for anyone who has followed Carlos on his extraordinary journey. The way William Patrick Patterson expounds on Carlos’ teachings is astounding!”
            —Margaret Runyan Castaneda, author
                A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda

  “This is the most brilliant and insightful rendering to date of the ‘Ultimate Impeccable Warrior,’ Carlos Castaneda, my father.”
            —C. J. Castaneda
  The Life and Teachings of Carlos Castaneda demystifies what Castaneda sought to hide and delivers a detailed portrait of the forces and influences that drove him to become a Nagual, a man of knowledge and emptiness. Here, too, is a concept-to-concept comparison in which the primary source of Castaneda's ideas is uncovered—Gurdjieff's Fourth Way. Also explored are don Juan's true identity, the meaning of Castaneda’s “jump into the abyss,” the life of the Nagual and the strange sexual power games he played with his “witches.” Included in full is the first reference to Nagualism, anthropologist Daniel Brinton’s essay “Nagualism: A Study in Native American Folklore and History,” written in 1894.